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JFA Youth Updates

Youth Update 8/17/22 - Youth Night 8/19

We will be having our youth night this Friday, 8/19, at the Varsity home opener against Akron East. All players from flag, padded flag, and tackle get in to the game for free as well as coaches. Any parent attending the game must buy a ticket to the game, even if you’re only going in to pick up your son after he runs off the field. Each player that is attending needs to be at the middle school by 545PM. You will enter the doors on the side by Sauder. Flag and Padded flag will be in the Gold gym. Tackle will be in the purple gym. I am asking that every team try and have 2 coaches there for their teams. We have over 460 kids in the youth program so we need as much help as we can get. We will start walking the kids out to the stadium about 610 and we will start announcing teams about 620. The boys get to run through the polar bear head and down the field. Parents plan on picking your child up at the fence near the home stands on the scoreboard side of the field. Everyone is then encouraged to stick around and cheer on our varsity team as they take on Akron East in Coach Rohr’s first game as a head coach. 
Tackle players wear your game jerseys to the game. Padded flag, your jerseys are in and we are working on getting those to you to wear. All flag jerseys are not in. All flag players, if you attended the youth football camp and got the Jackson football shirt from that, please wear that. If you don’t have that, just wear any Jackson shirt you have. 
We look forward to seeing everyone Friday at the game!

Youth Update 7/22/22

Youth Equipment Handout is  Saturday, July 30 @ the Football Shed:
10am – 7th Grade
11am – 6th Grade
12pm – 5th Grade
1pm – 4th Grade
2pm – Padded Flag

Youth Update 6/17/22

Combine Update
Tackle A & B Combine
7/31-8/2 from 6p-8p @ Varsity Stadium

Padded Flag Combine
8/1 from 6p-8p @ South Fields
Flag A ONLY Combine
8/14 from 6p-8p @ South Fields

Youth Football Covid Information:

  1. We follow the schools lead to determine if a student can practice or play youth football.  If they are not allowed to attend school they cannot participate in any football activities.  If they are cleared to attend school they can play football.
  2. We do not share information with our team.  There are HIPAA concerns with sharing information.  Coaches will deal directly with the affected family only. 
  3. Football and most sports are not considered a close contact activity.
    • We should be moving kids around and working in individual, group and team activates.
    • We are outside the entire time
    • Do not let kids congregate before and after practice